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Have you ever heard this story?

Two Australian inventors have created the free energy home generator using magnets and a battery. This machine is capable of powering a house and actually sounds too good to be true because once you have this machine you will not need to speed another dime on electricity ever again.

These two men spent more than six years working on this prototype and had it finished by 2001, yet these men were unable to sell this product on the market. This is probably due to the fact that it would ruin electricity companies that charge people thousands of dollars a year to be supplied with electricity.

On a television interview John Christie spoke about his free energy home generator and told the journalist that the machine produces more than five times the electricity than it actually uses. It is a shame that such a technology is not on the market yet because this would make a real difference to the amount of fossil fuels used and the effect on the environment, given the fact that environmentalists are so concerned with the effect that the use of fossil fuels has on global warming. Not to mention the problems that we are expected to face in the next decade because of the warming up of the earth’s atmosphere.

John Christie explained that the free energy home generator works by a kind of magnetic attraction and magnetic repulsion effect and operates continuously once it is started off and produces 24-kilowatts of power.

In August of 2001 the free energy home generator was waiting on an international patent and was expected to sell for $4,500 but there has not been a peep from these men or the media ever since. Word that has been circulating round is that the electricity companies would not have a bar of it.

But fear not if you search for free energy home generator on the Internet you will find out that there is an abundance of information on the generator as well as many guides that you can buy that mimic the technology used, and you can build this generator yourself at home.

You can construct your very own free energy home generator by purchasing ebooks or videos that you can buy online. I have read the Magniwork ebook and was able to construct the generator with no problems. I am so glad because I never have to spend any more money on electricity again.

You can either use the free energy home generator as a supplement to your current electrical output, or use it fully without the use of electricity. If you use it fully you will definitely save thousands of dollars a year.

Green Energy Related Sources